Shuro Morrison
Anonymous: How was losing your virginity?

much like watching a snake devour a mouse

Anonymous: Happy Birthday, Shuro ♥ Love yaa :)

wow, someone remembered

Anonymous: Shuro-Tan, what do you think of your friend, Aileen? ^^

she’s a little weird


I’m thinking about rewriting everything in Shuro’s story past the part where he gets on the plane to go to Walk Of Serenity in Alaska.

I’m not too crazy about the turn it took, and I feel like the “camp” I created isn’t what I intended on initially. I know there’s still some pretty useful material in those chapters but I think, if I try and work hard enough, I can make it better and it will inspire me to continue with the progression of the story.

Readers, what say you?


Anonymous: Heey! .. How are you, Shuro? :3

hello. I’m fine, thanks for asking